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of railway transportation

The department was created in 1992 and organizes transportation of cargoes in Estonia and abroad. Within a short period of time, good ties were established with the Russian Ministry of Transportation and the administration of Estonian Railways, with Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Byelorussian and Ukrainian forwarders and cargo owners. Since 1997, AS MERKTRANS has been one of the largest railway forwarders in Estonia on the amount of cargoes transported.

We also offer fully individual customer servicing with competitive rates. We organise transportation both of transit cargoes and those for the local Estonian market. We work with stevedoring companies, customs terminals, warehouses, and also supervise movements of cargo-loaded wagons.

Our main cargo groups are: timber, saw-timber, ferrous metals, paper, cotton, foodstuffs, equipment, chemical industry products, building materials, mineral fuel. We transport cargoes both in usual wagons and platform-mounted maritime containers, dispatch perishables (frozen meat, fish, etc.) in thermoses and refrigerated sections.

Our company also owns a locomotive.

If necessary, we can also organise motor transportation.

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